Cleanmarine Krill Oil 60 x 500mg

Cleanmarine Krill Oil 60 x 500mg

  • Pure Krill Oil
  • Sustainably and ethically harvested
  • Requires non of the extensive processing undertaken on fish oils
  • Has no fishy aftertaste or burps!

As krill are at their purest and most abundant in the Antarctic Ocean it is vitally important than any harvesting be done in a sustainable and ethical manner. Clean marine Krill Oil is a member of CCAMLR (Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living), and has also been awarded Marine Stewardship Council Certification and is approved by the WWF. Only 0.0375% of the worlds Krill is harvested annually. The precautionary limit of 1% of total biomass is therefore far from being reached even with a huge increase in demand.

On parameters associated with obesity, Clean marine Krill Oil reduced the fat content in the heart by 42% compared to just 2% using fish oils. In the liver, fat was reduced by 60% using Clean marine Krill Oil whilst fish oil reduced it by 38%.


– Improved relief from Rheumatoid arthritic issues or Osteoarthritic issues

– Lowers bad cholesterol protecting the heart

– Increases Energy

– Improves concentration

– Supports vision

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