MyProtein Omega 3 Liquid Super Strength Orange – 500ml

MyProtein Omega 3 Liquid Super Strength Orange - 500ml

  • Easy to consume
  • High in EPA & DHA
  • Contributes to the normal function of the heart

Our Omega-3 Oil is a great and easy way to consume Omega-3 for healthy living. We only use low odour oil with a hint of flavouring to ensure taste is not an issue when consuming. Our oil is an affordable and easy way to consume high amounts of EPA & DHA. We supply our Omega-3 Oil in a amber glass (we use an amber plastic bottle for the 500ml size for safety reasons) bottle to help prevent potential damage by heat, light and oxygen, and also helps to ensure maximum freshness and stability. Our fish oil is also exclusively from a certified EU laboratory for guaranteed low impurities. Our Omega-3 liquid has a max of 0. 1ppm Heavy Metals. All of the fish used in this product are from the wild and not farmed.

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