Polar Polar G5 GPS-Sensor W.I.N.D. 91039781 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar Polar G5 GPS-Sensor W.I.N.D. 91039781 Heart Rate Monitor

  • Ultra-Light and Compact; Measures Speed/Pace and Distance;
  • Records Accurate GPS Positioning Data; Weight: 34g (1.2oz);
  • Easy to Wear in a Soft and Flexible 26g/0.9oz G5 Armband (Included in the Set)
  • Rechargeable (20 Hour Life) via Micro USB;
  • Dimensions: Length=64mm (2.5″), Width=39mm (1.5″), Thickness=12mm (0.47″); Warranty: 2 Years;

The Polar G5 GPS sensor set consists of a navigation device that provides an accurate speed and distance measurement while training and a compatible armband that is soft and comfortable to wear. This lightweight and very compact sensor can be easily worn in the armband’s pocket and is compatible with many devices including RCX5, RS800CX Multisport GPS, RS800CX and CS600X. The sensor does not only measure speed/pace and distance, but also records accurate GPS positioning data and makes it possible to see your route on a map after finished training with the help of a compatible software/web service.

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