Animal Omega Pack of 30

Animal Omega Pack of 30

  • Animal Omega a “foundation” supplement of essential fatty acids (EFAs)
  • Designed to work in the background and give your body the support it needs to build muscle
  • Loaded with 6,500mg of health promoting fats
  • Contains correct, proven ratios of fatty acids
  • Vital for optimal metabolism,hormone production,cardiovascular health,peak performance,reducing exercise soreness and maximizing fat burning

EFAs are those necessary fats that we as humans are unable to synthesize in our bodies and must be obtained from either diet or supplementation.

Just like essential amino acids (EAAs as found in Animal Nitro), and other essential micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals, we need optimum amounts in order for the body to function properly, let alone to make gains in lean mass. Getting the proper EFAs isn’t always easy, especially when they are hard to obtain with a typical diet.

A typical diet consists of an overabundance of saturated fats, trans fats, and those fats from plant sources (think of common cooking oils) usually overloaded with omega 6 compounds, as they are the easiest and most economical to get your hands on. Now don’t get me wrong. Omega 6s are important, as they are EFAs too. But it’s not just the types of fats. It’s also the ratios. More on that later.

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