Beetroot Tablets | 1600mg Supplement Extract Pills for Muscle Health & High Blood Pressure | Oxford Vitality ® (60)

Beetroot Tablets | 1600mg Supplement Extract Pills for Muscle Health & High Blood Pressure | Oxford Vitality ® (60)

  • PROMOTES LOW BLOOD BLOOD PRESSURE & CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH – Beetroot naturally contains nitrates. Nitrates in the vessles cause the smooth muscle to relax, thus widening them and lowering blood pressure.
  • AN EXCELLENT SOURCE OF NUTRIENTS. Beetroot naturally contains Vitamin B6 & C, and minerals Potassium & Magnesium.
  • HIGH QUALITY – Oxford Vitality’s Beetroot tablets are 3rd party tested to ensure that you receive the highest quality Beetroot tablets.
  • MADE IN THE UK – For your health and satisfaction all of Oxford Vitality’s Beetroot Tablets are manufactured in Oxfordshire in the UK
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Beetroot Extract tablets from Oxford Vitality. Beetroot is a dark red/purple root vegetable that was traditionally used for medicine in the middle ages as it was thought to aid indigestion. In the more modern era it’s been used as a culinary ingredient particularly in Eastern Europe. However, in recent times there has been a revival of beetroot in the medicinal world due to its beneficial health properties. Sources have shown that it originated from the Sea Beets, and was cultivated in the Mediterranean region and has since become and permanent feature of the European diet.

Beetroot extract is taken from the Beta Vulgaris plant. The Beta Vulgaris is classified as a herbaceous plant, that bears both flowers and fleshy edible roots, known as beetroot.

The benefits of beetroot extract are extensive including being a rich source of Vitamin B6, C, Folic acid, magnesium, nitrates and potassium.

Vitamin B6 is beneficial to the immune and nervous system, red blood cell function and energy metabolism.

Vitamin C is beneficial for the body’s natural immune defense,energy metabolism and production of collagen for blood vessel integrity.

Magnesium is thought to be beneficial to normal muscle and nervous system function and reducing the effects of fatigue.

Nitrates and potassium in the formulation provided by the beetroot extract is believed to maintain normal blood pressure.

The tablets are only 8mm in diameter which makes them manageable and easy to swallow. We provide you with an option of six quantity sizes of 30 to 1000, this assures you get the quantity of product that is appropriate for your needs. We advise taking our product in conjunction with a healthy, varied and balanced diet

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