Finger Pulse Oximeter OLED USB w/ Heart rate monitor, Perfusion Index, Internal Memory & Analysis Software Suite

Finger Pulse Oximeter OLED USB w/ Heart rate monitor, Perfusion Index, Internal Memory & Analysis Software Suite

  • Integrated SPO2 probe and processing display module
  • Can be used in: hospital, home, community medical treatment, sports healthcare, climbing, skiing, aviation, etc.
  • Can measure SpO2 (saturation of peripheral oxygen) and PR (pulse rate) accurately
  • Free Advanced software for sleep study and monitoring
  • Displays and records Perfusion Index (Pulse intensity)

The CMS 50H pulse oximeter includes everything you need to connect to your computer to see detailed oximetry reports. You can wear the pulse oximeter all night long with or without a CPAP machine to get detailed oximetry readings. The built-in flash memory will record up to 24 hours of data. Just plug your oximeter into your computer with the included USB cable and you’ll be able to create a report with the included software.

The CMS 50H pulse oximeter is a full featured fingertip pulse oximeter that is perfect for CPAP users who want to monitor their pulse and oxygen saturation periodically during the night. This type of oximeter can help you as a CPAP user determine the effectiveness of your current CPAP pressure. With 24 hours of data storage, rechargable lithium battery, DC power adapter plug, software, USB cable, carrying case, and 24 month warranty, the 50H is a great way to take control of your CPAP therapy and your health.

The CMS 50H pulse oximeter features a color, auto-adjusting, multi-direction OLED (organic light emitting diode) screen with four levels of brightness. The easy-to-read 1.3″ display adjusts automatically to be readable either horizontally or vertically. The display shows pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, perfusion index, pulse waveform, pulse bar graph, and battery level indicator.

Display : True Color OLED

4 adjustable disp-directions
128*96 pixels
Built-in rechargable lithium battery
SpO2, Pulse Rate, Bar Graph, Pulse Waveform display & Perfusion index
Battery capacity indication
Screen brightness can be changed from1 ~ 4 level
The display direction can be changed automatically
Pulse sound indication
Visual and Audio alarm
Audio volume adustable form 1 ~ 8 level
USB port, sync with PC based analysis software
Built-in memory, store more than 24 hours of patient data

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