iWOWNFit I6 Pro Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth Smart Band Bracelet IP67 Waterproof Sports Watch for iPhone Android Smartphone (Black)

iWOWNFit I6 Pro Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth Smart Band Bracelet IP67 Waterproof Sports Watch for iPhone Android Smartphone (Black)

  • ★Highlight PMOLED Display Touch Screen: 0.73”HD, solution of 128*88, 5 different dial styles time, date, steps, distance, caloies, heart rate in real time, messages, call ID, to-do, movement model. Click, slide, long press, three kinds of operation made, leading to a clever experience. Full vertical screen display and high sensitive touch screen bring you a high quality interaction experience.
  • ★24-Hour Real-time Heart Rate Monitoring: With advanced heart rate monitoring technology. Smart Band keeps your knowing your heart-rate all day and during workouts. I6 PRO Band will automatically entered into Heart rate monitoring model when you master your sport rhythm, makes exercise more scientific and effective.
  • ★Intelligent Recognition Exercises Types: Smart Band can automatically identify basketball, cycling, walking, running four kinds if exercises types. All you have to do is go forward, no additonal manual operations. Waterproofing stander of the Band was designed as grade IP67, on land or in the water, ★support wear it go swimming or surfing.★ The Band can withstand it all.
  • ★Read On Screen: 8 pieces of messages can be stored at a time on Smart Band. Message on the phone can be pushed to the Smart Band timely. I6 PRO Smart Band will remind you by vibratind your wrist and display the content on the screen. Click the screen can page flippong to view.
  • ★For Your Better Sleep: I6 PRO Wristband automatically tracks how long and how well you sleep. Account records your sleep state, illustrates your sleep trends and gives you sleep including strategles.

Android OS must be Android 4.4 or above, Bluetooth 4.0; iOS OS must be iOS 8.0 or above, Bluetooth 4.0

Applicartion Download:
Search “iWOWNfit” on App store, Google Play, or Scan the QR code on the User Manual and instll it.

More Features:

Curved frame design concept
The curved bottom of the Smart Band can be snug against your skin, quite match ergonomics and offer comfortable training. Curved frame design, makes the visual thickness of Smart Band is breathtaking 5.6mm.

Call ID display and reject call
Smart Band shows your incoming calls and vibrates your wrist, even in a noisy environment, you never miss important calls, to help you take control of your day and your schedule. You can also slide the screen to reject a call convenient and efficient.

Your personal assistant and boots your efficiency
Directly set up your To-do with voice interaction in the iWOWNfit App. Smart Band will remind you in the setting time by vibrate your wrist.

Mult-Sport Management
It supports the data recording of multiply sports: walking, running, riding bike, dancing…Over 20 kinds of sports. You can keep tracking of your workouts by simple touch and real-time stats on display.

Gestrue control
Just turn over the wrist to light up the screen, make science and technology has been a part of our lives naturally.

Sedentary reminder
If you refrain from all body movement, you will hamer your body’s ability to flight off Sub-health. Let I6 Band remind you get up and walk around a bit.

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