Naissance Virgin Flaxseed Oil 250ml 100% Pure

Naissance Virgin Flaxseed Oil 250ml 100% Pure

  • Linum Usitatissimum
  • Very high in omega-3 for good vascular and skin condition
  • Believed to improve skin hydration and smoothness, and to accelerate skin healing
  • Suitable for nourishing dry and damaged skin
  • Used in skincare products to treat eczema, dandruff, oily skin and wrinkles

Flaxseed/Linseed oil is high in omega-3 and rich in vitamin E and minerals needed to maintain a healthy heart. Flaxseed Oil contains omega-6 and omega-9 essential fatty acids, B vitamins, potassium, lecithin, magnesium, fiber, protein, and zinc and also provides approximately 50% more omega-3 oils than what you could get from taking a fish oil.

All vegetable oils & fats are 100% fat and are generally high in calories (on average about 120 calories per tablespoon). Vegetable oils are often used in food preparation for salad dressings, cooking, frying, baking, sauces and marinades. As a general guide, virgin and unrefined oils have more of the oil’s natural flavour and lend themselves well for use in cold dishes. Refined oils generally have longer shelf lives and may have a higher smoke point and therefore be better for high heat cooking, but this varies depending on the type of oil. Each oil has its own distinct flavour and nutrient and Fatty Acid composition, so each oil may be used for different purposes depending on your need.

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