Organic Buckwheat Pillow (Love Heart Shape Filled with Buckwheat Husk / Hulls) (a. 20cm [175g], c. Red Polycotton)

Organic Buckwheat Pillow (Love Heart Shape Filled with Buckwheat Husk / Hulls) (a. 20cm [175g], c. Red Polycotton)

  • 100% ORGANIC BUCKWHEAT HUSK HULL cushion pillow, British-made in our factory in Lancashire and comes in an assortment of striking premium quality fabric and colour options. The fabric we use is robust, enduring and made to last.
  • OUTSTANDING SUPPORT helps to alleviate the symptoms of back, shoulder, head and neck pain. Give our British-made Organic Buckwheat Pillow a try if you’re unhappy with your current fibre, feather or memory foam pillow.
  • CONFORMS PERFECTLY to the shape of your head and neck, offering exceptional levels of support, comfort and relaxation. Love Heart style is available in three distinct size options, making it perfect for adults or children of any age or size.
  • UNIQUE LOVE HEART SHAPE makes for a wonderful gift idea for birthdays, special occasions or pets. This pillow makes for an effective sleep aid and is free from synthetic fillings. Organic buckwheat filling allows air to move freely through the pillow, making it ideal for the Summer.
  • SUPPORT BRITISH MADE: Please check this item is “Dispatched from and sold by Clear Prospects Ltd” as brand owner of WheatyBags. We are a UK factory and really appreciate your support by buying this Amazon Brand Registry approved product. Any other merchants selling this item will be unapproved copies.

Filled with triple cleaned, organic buckwheat hulls

100% Organic Buckwheat Pillows from WheatyBags are filled with triple cleaned, organic buckwheat husks and have been designed to conform perfectly to the shape of your head, neck and shoulders. Popular in the USA and Japan for many years already, buckwheat cushions are a tremendous new way of helping to alleviate common neck pains and strains associated with unsupportive fibre or feather pillows.

Designed and manufactured in Britain.

Available in an assortment of premium quality fabric and colour options, our buckwheat pillows are designed to last. We fill each of our cushions with the optimum amount of organic buckwheat hull filling – determined by feedback kindly provided to us from our customers. Buckwheat hulls evenly distribute the weight of your head and are renowned for their remarkable longevity, making them a smart investment in your long term health.

A little bit about us…

WheatyBags specialises in products that can help to provide targeted non-invasive pain relief. Our 100% organic buckwheat pillows are British-made and are dispatched directly from our Lancashire factory. Please buy with full confidence.

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