Polar RCX5 GPS Heart Rate Monitor and Sports Watch

Polar RCX5 GPS Heart Rate Monitor and Sports Watch

  • ZoneOptimizer automatically adjusts your heart rate zones
  • Sport profiles guarantee swift switch between different sports
  • Endurance training programmes from polarpersonaltrainer.com (mapping, online training diary, analyse your training in detail, customise endurance programmes, transfer them to your training computer, Training Load feature to see how well you have recovered and whether you are ready for your next training session)
  • Gives heart rate even in water
  • Easy to use product with one button functionality
  • Wireless ECG accurate heart rate
  • Training file memory (1)
  • Time of day
  • Speed/pace and distance Speed (km/h or mi/h) is measured with GPS

    Pace (expressed as min/km or min/mile) stands for the rate of speed. Pace is usually used in running. By setting a target pace, you can follow how fast you need to run in order to reach a certain distance in a predefined time.

    Running Index, Running Index is based on heart rate and speed data measured during the run. It gives daily information about your performance level, both aerobic fitness and running economy. Improvement in running efficiency indicates improved economy of running performance.

    Race Pace helps you control your speed to reach your target

  • Polar Fitness Test measures your aerobic fitness at rest in just five minutes. The result, Polar OwnIndex, evaluates your maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max). With the Polar Fitness Test you can measure your aerobic fitness by yourself, automatically and without any exertion. All you need is your training computer. The Polar Fitness Test is as accurate in predicting the VO2max as any sub maximal fitness test. The test is based on heart rate and heart rate variability at rest and personal information.

The Polar RCX5 GPS heart rate monitor has been designed for multisport athlets who need one-watch solution. The watch features sport profiles ensuring a swift switch between different sports. The hybrid transmitter provides accurate heart rate measurement even in wate. The heart rate monitor features ZoneOptimizer that helps the user train at the right intensity and avoid over- or undertraining. It also offers possibility of creating online training journal and analyse the performance. The displayed data include average heart rate, average speed, average cadence, cadence, calories, calories per hour, countdown timer, distance, heart rate, lap distance, lap time, max speed, speed (pace), stopwatch, time of day, trip, zone pointer (bar graph – realtime – of time spent in each one of 5 sports zones).The Race Pace function helps user plan the race with set time for a given distance. 99 training files and weekly history as well as data stored from the last reset provide the user with long term analysis of the performance. The watch also offers Polar DataLink that enables you to download endurance training programmes from polarpersonaltrainer.com. The Polar RCX5 heart rate monitor is supplied with extremely small G5 GPS sensor that provides accurate speed and distance measurement.

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