ResultSport® Multi-Level Exercise Resistance 45cm Tube with storage bag

ResultSport® Multi-Level Exercise Resistance 45cm Tube with storage bag

  • Increasing general strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and tones muscles in the whole body
  • Provides a great cardio workout
  • 3 different resistance tension levels
  • 45cm in length with comfortable handle
  • Easy storage and carry around

The ResultSport exercise resistance tube includes two comfortable padded handgrips and three flexible latex tubes. There is also a storage bag included.

The latex tubes are all of different tensions. They all have clips on the end so you attach them to the handgrip and can put 1, 2 or 3 on at a time. This means you are completely in charge of your own workout and can increase the intensity of the resistance as your body’s abilities progress or the exercise changes.

The lightest tension is green, then red, then blue has the largest tension. By being colour coordinated it makes it easy to distinguish which one to use. The tubes are 45cm.

They are great for increasing general strength, muscular endurance and flexibility and are also used for injury prevention or rehabilitation as they can work and strengthen very isolated, small muscle groups.

There are many different exercises you can perform that target different areas such as your arms, chest, stomach, hips, legs and back. These include bicep curls, shoulder press, crunches, hip flexion and extension and many more.

The resistance exercise tubing is very light and compact so are easily transported so you can use them anywhere including at home, in the gym, in a circuits class or Pilates class or even take them on holiday! When used with circuit training it provides a great cardio workout so help you burn fat! Resistance exercise bands are commonly used by a variety of health and fitness practitioners.

Important Information: Latex can cause allergic reactions so please ensure that anyone using the product is made aware of the latex content in order to avoid this.

Brand: ResultSport®
Length: 45cm
Colour: 3 tubes, Red-Blue-Green
Extra: Storage Bag

Discount Price: £4.20
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