Uv Led Nail Polish Gel 13ml Cuccio Veneer Heart And Seoul Raspberry Plum

Uv Led Nail Polish Gel 13ml Cuccio Veneer Heart And Seoul Raspberry Plum

Cuccio Veneer Heat & Seoul is a plumb with Raspberry kick

Cuccio Colour Veneer, The next generation of LED/UV nail colour!
Major steps and advancements have been made within the nail industry in the last few years, changing nail techs service menus forever! This game changer is a revolutionary LED/UV formula that is 100% polish free that gives your clients a solid high gloss finish for weeks (or until your client chooses to change their colour)

The new advanced formula creates an amour that protects your nails allowing them to grow longer and stronger. Cuccio Colour Veneer uses a patented Triple pigmentation technology for true colour coverage in just 2 coats! The new formula is a hard, yet flexible formula so there is no chance of dulling due to micro-shattering. Cuccio Colour Veneer applies in minutes and can cure in 30 seconds using an LED lamp, or two minutes in a UV lamp and soaks off in 10 minutes or less! We’ve got heart! Our heart shaped window is protected by 100% UV shield, so it will never cure in the bottle. This fourth generation of Cuccio Colour Veneer will never evaporate, thicken, or yellow over time, truly a stabilised formula making for a great application every time!

Cuccio Colour Veneer is available in 24 classic shades that are perfect for any age! From the most fashion forward, to conservative, clients will find the shade that is right for their personality! Give your clients the choice of The Next Generation today!


. No evaporation/thickening/hardening yellowing. We guarantee the product until the last drop.

. Triple pigmentation true coverage in just 2 thin coats

. LED/UV formula

. Veneer Micro-shatter resistant technology armour coated flawless wear

. Reflective Mirror Shine finish for the entire length of wear

. Extended wear product will stay on until you want to remove it

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