VITA DSO For My Heart Capsules – Pack of 60

VITA DSO For My Heart  Capsules - Pack of 60

  • For a fulfilling and active lifestyle,
  • Help you keep your heart healthy
  • Only for adults

Health Benefits: The cell membrane is important for cell resistance. EPA and DHA, two long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, are two of its essential foundations for maintaining a healthy membrane. The beneficial effect achieved by taking 250 mg of EPA and DHA every day helps maintain normal cardiac function. The benefit for the blood stems from vitamin B6 and B12, which play a role in the normal formation of red blood cells and the normal metabolism of homocysteine via vitamin B9 and B12. The blood carries the oxygen needed to produce energy, the metabolism of which is helped by vitamin B1, B6, B9 and B12, with the latter three also helping to reduce tiredness. S.O.D – Superoxide Dismutase : THE MELON HAS RECEIVED A PRECIOUS GIFT FROM NATURE. Its ability to withstand the passage of time and the aggressive effects of its environment for far longer than other melon varieties soon roused the curiosity of producers who were looking for ways of prolonging the lifespan of the melons they sold. But just why does this amazingly resistant melon stay green and just-picked fresh for far longer than other varieties ? What is its secret? It took scientists years of research before they finally discovered that the key to our melon’s longevity was SOD – SuperOxide Dismutase.

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